Community Monitor

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Volunteers of America-Greater New York
The Community Monitor is responsible for the direct supervision of all special category clients.
High School Diploma or GED and at least three years of related experience. Good verbal and written communication is a must. A valid driver's license and three years of driving experience is required.
1. Manage all clients direct care services including drive / escort clients to and from appointments and programs and serve meals.
2. Supervise, monitor and motivate client's participation in the daily routine, the recreation program and other directed activities including assisting Case Manager in maintaining a prescribed scheduled.
3. Ensure safety of clients, staff, building and grounds. Search residents and their possessions and report and remove threats to safety such as contraband, weapons, or other residents who present a danger to those around them.
4. Remove and inventory personal possessions of residents who have vacated facility.
5. Maintain ad document special category client information in individual log book.
6. Comply with relevant policies and procedures of Volunteers of America.
1. Clients will receive quality services including transportation and meals.
2. Clients participate in the daily routine, recreation program and planned activities.
3. Clients and staff safety is ensured and building / grounds secured. Message of intolerance of unlawful activity is sent to residents and community.
4. Vacated rooms are quickly and efficiently made available for new clients.
5. Program will be in compliance to DSS policy.
6. The mission of Volunteers of America is held as the top priority.
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Volunteers of America is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Title: Community Monitor
ID: CMP636, 645
Job ID: CMP636, 645
Location: Valhalla, NY

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